Ashford Products

Bee started working with wool using Ashford equipment because they make super looms and spinning wheels. They are designed by weavers and spinners and so are a joy to use! They are also well made, look good and incredibly durable, and as a leading provider of equipment, there are so many online tutorials available if you want inspiration.

The full range of products can be found on the Ashford website.

When Bee provides equipment for her students, she uses Ashford products. As students often wished to purchase the product they had used, she decided to become a reseller as we hated to make students wait for the products they bought from another supplier.

When you want to craft on the go, Bee has designed and created smaller fibre kits. These can be found on our Clink Kits page.

We can provide any Ashford equipment and we will add more products as we continually develop this site. Contact us via email if you would like a price for something not listed below. We are happy to help you choose as we understand the choice can be bewildering when you are starting out. Of course, if you are an experienced crafter, feel free to just tell us what you want.